Communities of Practice

Business Networking

A Community of Practice (CoP) allows participants to communicate, plan and collaborate online, to complement existing channels of communication.  Social Inclusion and Vocational Access website hosts, or links to, a range of Communities of Practice.

Open Communities of Practice hosted here include Anti-homophobia and mentoring women in trades, see left hand navigation panel.

Some Communities of Practice are closed.  This means they are only available to TAFE NSW staff.  TAFE NSW staff login with your user name and password to access these communities on the Social Inclusion Hub at TAFE eCommunities.  Social Inclusion and Vocational Access Support also has a range of Communities of Practice.  Click on the links below to visit a specific community at TAFE eCommunities:

To visit these closed CoPs below, you need to be TAFE NSW staff and be invited to participate by the community organiser:

Communities of Practice page updated 6 March 2014